Goals are the little plans that are being put together to achieve a particular desired objective or set of objectives. Financial goals are usually associated with investment decisions and quality living of individuals and corporate bodies. It usually comes to play in the aspect making quality investment decisions, having a regular saving plan, crafting out […]

Spending Money

Money: everyone has to spend it, and all but one-percent of us have to spend it carefully. For those of us who are not independently wealthy, choosing how we spend our money is an ongoing necessary task that ensures our financial survival. Everyday, we are forced to consult our budgets before purchasing a coffee, a […]

Saving Money

Saving money is a necessary life practice to embrace. Every financially prosperous person on earth has practiced saving money at some point. Saving money is both a practice and an ethic. It requires a skillful execution of a budget as well as a strong value for money saving. Every example of a well made budget includes […]